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Our Services

Initial Evaluations: Our initial evaluations are tailored to you, based on where you are in your mental health journey.  All of them include a full mental health examination and psychiatric medication recommendations.  For those who are at the very beginning of their mental health journey, we offer informational sessions, during which we explain the numerous mental health options out there — psychiatric medication options (prescribed by psychiatrists), talk therapy options (which are offered by psychologists and social workers), genetic testing options, and psychological testing options .  For those who are ready to start psychiatric medications, we offer an overview of each of their psychiatric conditions and go over the many medication options — along with going over ways individuals can also improve their emotional, physical, and social health. For those who are already on a stable psychiatric regimen we go over their current medication regimen and make tweaks.


Follow Up appointments: Our follow up appointments always include a full mental health evaluation and psychiatric medications. They focus on continuing your mental health journey.


Our board-certified psychiatrists care for the entire scope of psychiatric conditions for both teens and adults.  Our psychiatrists frequently treat anxiety, depression, insomnia caused by anxiety, ADHD, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, as well as complex conditions like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and conversion disorder.  We offer convenient virtual appointments during evening hours, so you can receive psychiatric care without missing work or school.

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