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At Quintessence Psychiatry in Miami, FL, and New York, NY, our board-certified psychiatrists provide individualized care through telemedicine in the comfort of home.  


We maintain that the best mental health treatment is holistic — it covers mental health, emotional health, physical health, and social health.  It involves psychiatrists who take the time to listen nonjudgmental and empathetically to understand each individuals’ unique composition of underlying psychological issues.  We believe that our patients must receive excellent care addressing all aspects of their lives, and we make an effort to make sure everyone feels welcome and that they are being seen as an individual rather than a set of symptoms.  


We have made certain adjustments to make our appointments as convenient for patients as we can:

  • We provide telemedicine in both Miami, Florida, and New York, New York, so people who often travel between these two states can receive psychiatric care and pick up their prescriptions in both states.  

  • We provide appointment times in the evening after work

  • We offer a technology-forward experience with online booking and a patient portal 


Whether you have one or many mental conditions, Quintessence Psychiatry is a place where your mental health needs can be examined from a whole-person perspective, and the proper psychiatric medication regimen can be picked for you.  We look forward to helping you improve your mental health today! 

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