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Common Questions

Answers for Patients and Their Loved Ones


What Kind of Appointments Do You Offer?
All our appointments are virtual at this time.  We offer several types of initial psychiatric evaluations -- all of them include in-depth examinations of your mental thought processes to determine whether or not you have a number of psychiatric conditions, and whether or not the medications you are on should be changed or continued. You can schedule a "regular" psychiatric appointment, or, if you are new to the mental health world, you can also schedule an "informational interview," which will give you an in depth explanation of the mental health treatment field --  which will go over how psychiatric medications work, how psychotherapy works, so you can make a better decision about whether you would like to try psychiatric medications or psychotherapy.  We also offer clinical ADHD evaluations, but they will not be reimbursed by insurance, and are offered in New York only. We are happy to offer second opinions.  We also offer follow up appointments, and therapy appointments.  


Can I Attend Quintessence Psychiatry Virtual Appointments Even Though Physically I am Outside of Florida/New York?
Unfortunately not. For legal reasons, you must be in the state of Florida or New York for all Quintessence Psychiatry appointments. If you plan on being out of town, please make sure to schedule your appointment for before you leave Florida/New York, or after you return to Florida/New York. If your doctor discovers you are NOT in Florida/New York during your video appointment, your doctor will cancel the appointment immediately. No refund will be given. Similarly, your doctor will NOT ever send a prescription to a pharmacy that is outside of Florida/New York.


What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For a Virtual Psychiatry Appointment? 
Please find a place where you can be alone without anyone overhearing you discuss your private health information, and with a good wifi or phone connection. Many people find their cars to be a good place where they can go and not be overheard. However, please do not drive during your appointments — it is best to give your whole attention to the appointment, and phone connections tend to drop frequently.


Can I Skip the Initial Evaluation and Just Have My Medications, That We're Prescribed By a Different Physician, Refilled By Quintessence Psychiatry?
Unfortunately that is NOT possible for legal reasons


Will My Information Be Confidential?
All information an individual reveals during an appointment is confidential between the individual and our treatment team, except in 4 circumstances: (1) if the individual threatens to harm themselves or someone else, (2) If the individual chooses to be reimbursed by insurance, the treatment team needs to release the names of the psychiatric conditions the individual has, (3) if an individual signs a release of information to have their records sent to a different psychiatric office, and, (4) if the information is subpoenaed by a court in a legal case.


What Are Common Conditions You Treat?

  • Depression

  • ADHD

  • Anxiety

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

  • Panic

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Schizophrenia

  • Schizoaffective Disorder

  • Postpartum Depression

  • Postpartum Anxiety

  • Postpartum OCD

  • Adjustment Disorders

  • Smoking Cessation (medication only)

  • PTSD (medication only to help with symptoms — therapy is ultimately the best way to treat PTSD)

Are Quintessence Psychiatry Appointments Usually Reimbursed by Insurance?
Yes — the initial evaluation and follow up appointments, are established practices that are usually reimbursed by insurance. (However, for genetic testing, insurance will usually cover all of it except for $350.)


Are Quintessence Psychiatry’s Rates Negotiable?
No, they are NOT negotiable.


What is Your Benzodiazepine Policy?
Quintessence Psychiatry does NOT encourage daily use of medications like Xanax, Ativan, or Klonopin, as they are highly addictive and lead to cognitive impairment. Please be aware that the only benzodiazepine prescription Quintessence Psychiatry will prescribe is Alprazolam 0.5mg — and that only at 10 pills per month, maximum.

(We also do not prescribe benzodiazepines WITHOUT concomitant use of a long-term anxiety/depression medication.)

What Is Your Stimulant Policy?
Quintessence Psychiatry encourages individuals to take one day off per week from stimulant medication, thus, we will only prescribe 26 days’ worth per month of stimulant medication. This keeps individuals from developing a tolerance to the medication, which often makes individuals require higher and higher doses to achieve the same effect — and higher doses tend to cause more side effects like trouble sleeping, anxiety, and/or heart racing.


What Is Your Anorexia/Eating Disorder Policy?
Quintessence Psychiatry is happy to see patients with eating disorders. However, as unrestrained anorexia nervosa has one of the highest fatality rates of all psychiatric conditions, we require that individuals who are severely underweight due to their eating disorder MUST be enrolled in an eating disorder program of some kind, and they must sign a release of information to Quintessence Psychiatry so the eating disorder program can contact us if the individuals’ weight goes too low.


Does Quintessence Psychiatry do FMLA or Disability Paperwork? What About Court-Ordered Forms?
Quintessence Psychiatry makes the decision on a case-by-case basis to determine whether FMLA/Short term disability is appropriate for each patient. There is a $300 charge.  FMLA is NOT an opportunity for anyone to have a vacation.  For FMLA/short term disability, we require that over the course of 3 months you attend psychiatric medication management appointments every two weeks (or enroll in a daily intensive outpatient psychotherapy program), and TWICE A WEEK psychotherapy appointments. No exceptions.  If you do not maintain this minimum level of involvement in improving your mental health while on leave, your doctor will write to your employer stating they are no longer your doctor, and rescinding the FMLA.  For legal reasons, we do NOT fill out disability or court-ordered forms.


Can I Have My Medications Prescribed to a Pharmacy That is Outside the States of Florida or New York?
No, that is NOT possible for legal reasons.


Can I have My Video Appointment With My Psychiatrist While I Am In The Hospital?
For legal reasons, this is not possible. If you need to see a psychiatrist while you are in the hospital, you MUST be seen by a psychiatrist who has a contract with that hospital.


Can I Drive My Car During My Video Appointment?
For legal reasons, this is not possible. (You can be in a stationary car for your appointment, however.)

What is The Patient Portal?
The patient portal is a truly modern-day way of communicating. It uses a "texting" format on a secure platform - this allows patients and doctors to communicate directly and securely to each other with the ease of texting, but in a manner that protects personal health information.  It allows patients to securely text their doctors directly with refill requests, ask non-urgent psychiatric questions that can be addressed within 1-2x days, fill out forms and questionnaires, schedule appointments, etc.

I'm a New Patient. How Do I Sign Up For the Patient Portal? 
Click on "patient portal" in the top menu or the sidebar.  You will receive an invitation to register for the patient portal after your first appointment.  After that, click on “patient portal” in the menu bar.

I Am a Current Patient.  I Signed Up For the Patient Portal. How Do I Book a Follow Up Appointment?
Click on "patient portal” in the top menu or the sidebar -> enter your email address and password -> opens to a screen with “book” in blue on the right upper hand side, click on “book."


I'm a Current Patient. How Do I Message my Doctor Directly Through the Patient Portal?
Click on "patient portal” in the top menu or the sidebar  -> enter email address and password -> opens to a screen with a list down the left and side, click on “messages”


I Am a Current Patient. How Do I Get a Refill of My Medication?

The best way is to ask your doctor through the patient portal. However, please keep in mind that your doctor will usually require you to be seen at a follow-up appointment before writing you a refill.

I Have a Question About Scheduling, Insurance Reimbursment, or Something Else that is Not Medication-Related.   Who should I talk to?
Please feel free to email if you have any questions that are not directly about your medications.

I Tried To Make a Follow Up Appointment on Zocdoc, But It Says There Are No Appointments Available.  What Do I Do?
Please make all follow up appointments here, on this website.  We only use Zocdoc for initial appointments.


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