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Telemedicine Serving Miami, Florida & New York, New York

Currently Quintessence Psychiatry offers virtual appointments, and prescriptions of psychiatric medications, throughout the states of Florida and New York. 



Office Hours

Sunday — Closed

Monday — 11:00 - 7:00

Tuesday — 11:00 - 7:00

Wednesday — 11:00 - 7:00

Thursday — 11:00 - 7:00

Friday — 11:00 - 2:00

Saturday — Closed


If you must cancel your appointment, kindly provide 24 hours notice. Your consideration in this matter will allow us to accommodate other patients who could benefit from an appointment.  We charge missed appointment and cancelation fees.



Insurances We Accept:

Dr. Kocher accepts insurance; Dr. Simjee does not.  We accept insurance through HelloAlma — your insurance company will pay HelloAlma, who will then pay Quintessence Psychiatry. HelloAlma only accepts some insurances — private insurances (not Medicaid) through Aetna, Cigna, Optum, and United.  You can check to see if your specific insurance is covered here:

If you would like to pay with your insurance, we will send your information to HelloAlma, who will then contact you to ask for your insurance information. Please fill out HelloAlma’s requested information as soon as you receive their email, as it takes 1-3 days for them to verify your information, so if your appointment is less than 48 hours away, please reschedule it to a later date.



We have two locations — one in Miami, Florida, and one in New York, New York.  


Miami, Florida Quintessence office:

Quintessence Psychiatry

6303 Blue Lagoon Drive, Suite 400, Miami, Florida 33126

Phone:(786) 465-6590

Text: (786) 465-6590

Fax: (786) 410-9557



New York, New York office:

C/o Lina NoMad

245 5th Ave, 3rd Floor

NY, NY 10016

Phone:(786) 465-6590

Text: (786) 465-6590

Fax: (786) 410-9557


Service Fees:

We maintain a fee schedule identifying the price of various services. It is subject to change.

• Initial appointment: $375.00/55min [covered by insurance]

• Follow-up appointment: $185.00/25min [covered by insurance] This is for all follow-up appointments that take place MORE than 2 weeks after another appointment — if you attend an appointment LESS than 2 weeks after another appointment, you may sign up for a “Less than 2 weeks after follow up appointment”) 

• Less than 2 weeks after another appointment follow-up appointment: $150.00/30min

• Therapy session: $250.00/55min

• Phone call (no med changes/refills): $100.00/10min

• Forms/letters/prior authorizations: $150.00 per page

- FMLA or short-term disability forms: $300.00

• Record Release Medical records request $25.00

• Telephone call fee to insurance company/pharmacy: $25.00

• Legal Fees: Testimony, responding to subpoena, all other legal related work for client or third party: $375.00 per hour


All fees will be collected 6 hours before the beginning of each visit. Payments must be made using a credit card or eCheck.



Cancellation Policy:

• Late Cancellation Fee (within 24 hours of the appointment start time): $75

• Missed Appointment Fee (within 24 hours of the appointment start time): $100


Fees are Non-negotiable

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